#Vine: The Good, the Bad and Vine versus Instagram

Whoever is spamming Vine didn't read this!

Whoever is spamming Vine didn’t read this!


With the latest update to Vine, you can now share other users’ posts to Twitter and Facebook. This is a useful improvement. For instance, last night cool user Jay Hash gave me a shout out on his Vine profile. Not only did that spark an interesting conversation with him, I was also really happy to share his accolades to my contacts on Facebook and Twitter. It’s fun to share good news to my network and say, “See? Somebody smart likes me! Why don’t you?”


A constant annoyance is the crew of spambots with bikini girls’ profile pics begging Vine users to get more follows with their robot app. The crux is that no one benefits from a bunch of fake follows. If you don’t really like my vines enough to follow me, who cares about the numbers?

True, if your follow numbers are climbing, the success gets a bit gamified. By that, I mean that if you get a big round number (1,000 follows, 10,000 follows, 20,000 follows) it’s understandable you celebrate with a “Hey! I earned x number of followers! I am smart and funny!” Good on ya!

The key word here is “earned”. A bunch of fake follows engineered by bots? All that does is make you think you have some fun activity to check out. Then you go look and it’s disappointing to find spambots. Worse? The Get Follows meme got on Vine’s popular page! I’m sure that was an algorithm not a human decision at Vine’s HQ.

The engineers behind Vine haven’t cut out this spam crap yet so I’ve started reporting them. You know what’s a pisser? Making a Vine mocking the spammers and getting more spam on the same vine! 

I wrote Six Seconds so people could use Vine to promote their businesses, websites, services and products in a smart, fun, non-spammy way. Whoever is flooding us with spambots didn’t read my guide to Vine. There’s a better way to do it and bots ain’t it!


Instagram is stepping up to compete with Vine.

Instagram has 100 million users (compared to Vine’s last count of 13 mill). Vine is very popular, but if Instagram puts out a video format that goes longer than six seconds, it could be serious competition. 

You have to be pretty clever to do a good Vine in six seconds. Later this week we’ll find out if Instagram videos will be five to ten seconds long. It will be interesting to see how it develops, but I love Vine and really don’t want to abandon all the cool people I follow and those who follow me.

I don’t see myself jumping to Instagram, but I will check it out and provide a review here soon.

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  1. […] #Vine: The Good, the Bad and Vine versus Instagram (onlysixseconds.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] #Vine: The Good, the Bad and Vine versus Instagram (onlysixseconds.wordpress.com) […]

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